Many Friends Make Life Work

Many Friends Make Life Work is a tribute to friends and friendships experienced or observed. In the interest of privacy, I have altered names and details. However, every account is based on a real friendship. My purpose in writing these stories is threefold:
•  to pay tribute to my own friends, recognizing their contribution to my being who I am today.
•  to draw readers’ attention to their own friends and the diverse benefits they receive from them.
•  to offer ideas on how to be a better friend by being aware of the main factors in friendship.
I chose to mix stories, essays and poems in this book, because of the diversity of my friends and their different ways of seeing and appreciating reality. For the same reason, I have written in a variety of voices: male, female, young, old. While no one will identify with all of the characters, readers are bound to find some that speak with a voice similar to their own.
I trust you will find encouragement as we explore the idea that “many friends make life work.”


Would You Mind? let’s us into the mind of a woman who is blissfully unaware of the disconnect between her perceptions and everyone else’s.   Voice: female, between middle-age and whatever comes next.

A Precious Thing is a poem that explores the value of friendship and the careless way we often use the word “friend.” Voice: my own.

Friends and Neighbours is a short story, loosely based on an event in in my own life, which highlights the difference between “friends” and “neighbours.”   Voice: male, exiting middle-age.

The Writers’ Retreat is a short story, based on some of my friends (who may think they recognize each other!). A third-person narrative.