What people are saying about “Living at the End of the Rope”

Philip Boom, President, Emmaus Bible College
Living at the End of the Rope presents a marvellous collection of humbling stories, demonstrating the triumph of God’s grace shining through the darkness. Thank you Ron, for assembling these stories as a reminder of our frailty, and of God’s power to bring healing.

David Kitz, Award-winning author of The Soldier, the Terrorist & the Donkey King
Are you ready to travel? This book takes you on one journey after another to towns and cities not so far from where you live. There at the intersection of Reality and Suffering, you will meet with men and women whose faith has been tried and tested in the furnace of affliction. You may think this would be a depressing journey, but you would be wrong. You see Jesus lives at the corner of Reality and Suffering. He’ll meet you there. Thank you, Ron Hughes for giving me a glimpse into the lives of those who are Living at the End of the Rope.

William Yuille, Vice President, MSC Canada
Eliphaz maintained that “man was born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7). Some trouble we bring on ourselves, some results from the actions of other people, and some God in His providence allows. Ron Hughes has compiled the stories of a number of people who seem to have experienced more than their share of trouble from these different sources and have not only survived but have grown through their struggles. They testify not so much to the courage and endurance of the human spirit as to the faithfulness and grace of God who loves His children, never abandons them, knows what is best for them, and strengthens and encourages them in the most difficult circumstances of life. These testimonies are an encouragement to all Christians, no matter how dark the night might be, to look up and press on in dependence upon our faithful Lord who has promised never to leave or forsake us.

Dorene Meyer, award-winning author of the self-help fiction series, The Little Ones
Living at the End of the Rope by Ron Hughes is a collection of stories about people who have lived through challenges and “come to rest at the end of their rope.” The challenges include such painful experiences as divorce, the death of a child and chronic illness. For many readers, Living at the End of the Rope will help them to know they are not alone; others walk this path with them. For other readers, these stories will build a bridge of understanding between us and those around us who may feel isolated in their pain. As we read of how these courageous men and women are learning to find rest in their challenging circumstances, we are also given glimpses of how we can play a vital role in that rest. Even if we have not experienced what they are going through, we can still be a help and support to those around us who are going through difficulties. A well written, engaging book which I highly recommend!

Jesse Gentile, MaBS, MsED, MaPHIL, Director of Assembly Care Ministries
Read this book. Wake up. Learn from it. The West insists that if life contains suffering God does not exist. Yet the Bible never suggested that God best displays his goodness by turning life into a vacation. This book tears back the facade! We need to admit that many people we rub shoulders with live secret nightmares. The stories Ron shares, reveal that while we remain unaware, Jesus Christ is meeting these people in the dark places – bringing salvation and a new normal with Him.

Ian Leitch, The Heralds Trust, Scotland
Living at the End of the Rope, by Ron Hughes, is compelling reading! He covers the highs and lows of life lived with pain, suffering and death. Ron leads you through tragedy to triumph, darkness to light and despair to hope with real life stories. These stories will shine light into your darkness, bring truth into your errors and bring life into your deadness! Living at the End of the Rope is a must read, but be ready for your mind being stretched, your emotions being challenged, and your will being changed!

Deb Elkink, author (Roots and Branches) and award-winning novelist (The Third Grace)
Living at the End of the Rope is a dossier of stories about imperfect people suffering the aftermath of life-shaping problems and yet looking beyond them. The personal biographies form a series of case studies rich in detail and realism. Ron testifies about victory of a different order—idealism banished and hope founded in sure truth. Living at the End of the Rope, full of understated optimism, is about facing the giant and yet picking up the pebble.

Ross Kearney, Lead Pastor, Erindale Bible Chapel, Mississauga, Ontario
This is a very real book: real people, suffering real hardships, and a real God delivering abundant mercy! Ron Hughes shares the compelling stories of those who know what it is to suffer yet demonstrate that, by God’s grace, life really can be lived – vitally and victoriously – at the end of the rope! Biblically sound, spiritually helpful, and Christ-exalting, this is a rich resource for the church, showing us how to handle the hard times and how the light of the hope we have in Christ shines ever so brightly even in the darkness. I heartily commend this to anyone in the midst of a trial, or who loves someone who is.

Claudia Loopstra, Speaker, and Author of Redemptive Love: Living with a Alcoholic Father
In his book Living at the End of the Rope, Ron Hughes illustrates the power of God as it is revealed through a variety of life’s difficult and challenging circumstances. These well-written stories are captivating and hold the reader’s attention throughout.

Randy Bushey, pastoral elder, Bible teacher
Ron is a master story-teller! In his simple, yet elegant prose, he relates the events of real lives, pulling the learning and application from the valleys of life. We’ll use this resource among our elders, women’s ministry leaders, and for training in spiritual leadership.

Dr. Matt Martin, Emergency room physician and church elder
Carolyn’s testimony in this book tells us, “Jesus is everything! He has helped me, encouraged me and prodded me when I needed it.” I felt Him doing that to me as I read the stories of these courageous people. We all face trials in this broken world, but what a joy to know that our Lord will always face them with us, and that wisdom is available to us from the great cloud of witnesses.

Chuck Gianotti, commended worker, author of numerous books, articles and publications, elder in a local church, Director of Biblical Eldership Resources.
Living at the End of the Rope is a captivating read. Who of us is not drawn in by stories of humanity with its struggles and challenges? This collection of mini-biographies about real Christians takes the reader behind the curtain of Christian platitudes and pat answers, to the depths of real struggles and anguish, and those who live there. After the funerals, the hospital visitation, the feeble efforts and obligations of others to show some measure of compassion, life goes on for those who must somehow find a way to continue on. Like David’s in the Psalms, the emotions here are raw but honest, filled at times with despair, but permeated with faith and hope. Ron Hughes does an excellent job of leading us through their wrestlings without giving pious sermons or moralizing. He lets the individuals tell their own stories—from the end of the rope. This is must reading for anyone who desires to be a shepherd elder or who wishes to come alongside others who suffer but may not be able to tell their own stories so eloquently.

Shane Johnson, author of Strength for the Journey and Wisdom For Fools
As I turn the tearful pages and watch the parade of broken, healing people pass by, I gather strength to face my own hurts and heartaches as a fellow sufferer in this hard world.

Ernie Adsett, Elder at McLeod Hill Rd. Assembly of Christians, Fredericton, NB, Canada
It’s true – life is not a “happy all the time” experience. We all go through and will continue to go through pain and heartache. However, if we know God there can be peace in the midst of the storm. Ron Hughes aptly illustrates this truth with the actual experiences of real people within devastating trials – the loss of a child to name just one. “Living at the End of the Rope” shows that regardless of the circumstances in our life, we can go on with our trust placed in God. This book is a great testament to this fact. “Living at the End of the Rope” is a great read and is sure to be a wonderful inspiration to all who read it.

Dr. Steve Nelson, Medical missionary for 40 years
Ron Hughes helps us redefine “OK” for a Christian faced with unspeakable pain… and how “OK” itself will change as times goes on. Friends will come to mind as you read, but just as scripture speaks to us in a personal way, so I suspect you will discern elements of your own personal history of pain and struggles in Living at the End of the Rope. It will be impossible to ignore how much we or our loved ones have “been there.” In those few cases that seem totally outside of our experience, we will be encouraged to apply the wisdom and experience on these pages as a healing balm to those in pain.

Tim Lunnon – Open Heart Ministries, Australia (Pastor, Worshipper, and Soccer Coach)
I was introduced to Ron through HopeStreamRadio and have found Him to be someone who not only seeks the Lord, himself, but desires that others would know the Lord, too. I found Living at the End of the Rope, to be both encouraging and uplifting. The real-life stories contained in this book, strip away the masks that people often wear and reveal real-life struggles and issues. We are called to fellowship, a ‘koinonia’—deep, mutual fellowship where we share each other’s journeys and this is what I have found in this book. I have no hesitation recommending it and I pray that it encourages you to ‘share’ your journey, whatever is going on at present, with others.

Bobbie Ann Cole, speaker, teacher and author of Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus the Jew in Today’s Israel
Ron Hughes’ collection of sensitively and well-written personal stories of crises that have cut across the path of men and women of strong faith fills us with hope and confirms that even the hardest of challenges can be overcome through Christ who strengthens us.