A Brief Description of “Living at the End of the Rope”

How can you go on when things are not getting better?

In this book, you will meet real people living with: the tendency to abuse alcohol, the memory of aborting a child, the death of immediate family members, the frustration of deteriorating health, the pain of unexpected divorce, the challenges of raising a child with special needs, the conflicting emotions arising from a mismatched marriage, and more.

In this book, Ron Hughes presents 10 accounts of the presence of God sustaining those who are living at the end of the rope. His work in media since 1975 and vocation in ministry since 1983 have provided him with hundreds of opportunities to interact with people in all kinds of circumstances. His subjects in these chapters made themselves vulnerable in unexpected ways which allow readers to identify strongly with the thoughts and emotions common to all of us who struggle.

Here, you will find no tales of instant deliverance, miraculous cures, or dramatic victories. Instead, these pages contain the stories of ordinary people walking day-by-day through the end-of-the-rope experiences which build faith and bring hope to life.