Living at the End of the Rope

LATEOTR coverWhat if you had to go on even though things were not getting better?

Table of Contents

1 No Need to Fear — Rebekah Stewart — Going on with the consequences of choices made

2 The Nightmare that was True — John and Edna Bosman — Going on after the death of a child

3 Opening Her Hands — Carolyn Saxton — Going on with deteriorating health

4 The Time Had Come — Shirley Brooks — Going on after divorce

5 Moving On — Brian and Dianne Plouffe — Going on with a daughter who has Down Syndrome

6 The Wedge — Steve Thompson — Going on with a spouse’s anxiety

7 Perfect Storm — Jake and Catherine Martin — Going on with a son suffering from major disabilities

8 They Came to Say Goodbye — Jan Vardy — Going on after the death of a spouse

9 Perilous Voyage — Ana McAlister — Going on in a mismatched marriage

10 Motivated by the Finish Line — Dr. Edwin Rix — Going on in the face of old age

11 The Common Threads — Tying up the loose ends

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A reader endorsement: Living at the End of the Rope, by Ron Hughes, is compelling reading! He covers the highs and lows of life lived with pain, suffering and death. Ron leads you through tragedy to triumph, darkness to light and despair to hope with real life stories. These stories will shine light into your darkness, bring truth into your errors and bring life into your deadness! Living at the End of the Rope is a must read, but be ready for your mind being stretched, your emotions being challenged, and your will being changed! — Ian Leitch, The Heralds Trust, Scotland — Read more comments from early readers.

An excerpt: “That night when Rob returned from work, his anger had dissipated. Neither of them referred to his outburst—he didn’t apologize; she didn’t confront him. It never came up again, though Ana would never forget what he had called her and the violence that broke the peace of their home. Life continued as if the outburst had never happened, yet it would never be the same.” Read the rest of the free sample chapter: Perilous Voyage

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